About Us



John Mansur
project manager 

Henry Kaposa
project coordinator
Consalva Makweka
project mama
Bonface Chigwanda
head teacher



"Mang'ula Sustainable Development Society" is a non-profit making society. It is certified by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the United Republic of Tanzania on November, 2nd 2009. Before this date it was certified as "Mang'ula Children Caring Fund" (September, 30th 2005). Since November 2012 it is also certified as an orphanage named "Mang'ula Orphans Home".

The project started in May, 10th 2005. At this time the name of the project was "Mang'ula Children Caring Fund". At the beginning the center was accomodating only 12 children, but within four months the number rose to 68  children. By September, 25th the number had risen to 84. In the report of 2006 (report2006.pdf) from August 2006 the number of children is 76.

The team

The team of the "Mang'ula Sustainable Development Society" consists of volunteer teachers from Mang'ula. The project manager is John Mansur and the project co-ordinator is Henry Kaposa. Consalva Makweka is the 'project mama'. She takes care of the orphans, the preparation of the meals etc. Bonface Chigwanda is the head teacher of the project. And there are several teachers who are working in the Project.

The following points inspired the team to establish this kindergarten and orphanage: A large number of children are still roaming out in the streets instead of going to school. Especially the orphaned children need support in education. The government does not pay much attention to the age group under 6 years. It considers more about primary education and further education levels. So the team of "Mang'ula Sustainable Development Society" had the idea to take care for these children.

Meanwhile the project is accomodating more and more children from different parts of the village. And many of the kids are orphans. The MASUDE-Society has an own school building with 4 big rooms where the orphaned have the possibility to stay.