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  • Mang'ula from the top of the hill of Udzungwa Mountains. width:600;;height:450
  • The Twiga-Hotel in Mang'ula. width:600;;height:450
  • Paul at the balcon of the Twiga Hotel. width:360;;height:480
  • Papayas! width:600;;height:450
  • The old building of MACHICA-Fund. width:600;;height:450
  • Paul with John and Lenny, two of the Co-Ordinators of MACHICA-Fund. width:600;;height:450
  • John and Lenny with Susi. width:600;;height:450
  • Sebastian with the school-boys and -girls width:600;;height:450
  • In front of the old school-building. width:600;;height:450
  • In the new classroom. width:600;;height:450
  • The floor is new. width:566;;height:480
  • The old building gets a new classroom. width:600;;height:450
  • The new classroom is in work. width:600;;height:450
  • This is the land for the new school-building for MACHICA-Fund. width:600;;height:450
  • The pupils on 'their' land. width:600;;height:450
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