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  • The new school ground. width:530;;height:345
  • Measuring and excavating the class foundations. width:496;;height:319
  • Land clearing - felling the trees. width:574;;height:361
  • The measured and excavated foundations. width:562;;height:357
  • Off loading bricks from the tractor. width:582;;height:372
  • Already off laoded sand. width:600;;height:391
  • Sand for works. width:600;;height:405
  • Bricks for works. width:600;;height:364
  • The announcement for the kindergarten project. width:574;;height:372
  • Constructing classes foundations. width:600;;height:388
  • Three masons bussy raising up the new school walls, on the built foundations...from left is Mr. Mwenda, next is Joseph and on the right is Mr. Bonge. width:600;;height:411
  • Three teachers standing in front of the building works: from left it is John, next is Boniface and on the right is Henry. width:600;;height:416
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