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  • Roofing works get on. width:600;;height:411
  • A view from the side behind to the school. width:600;;height:400
  • A view from the side to the roofing. width:600;;height:400
  • Builders work on the roof. width:600;;height:403
  • Consalva is sleshering grasses at the new school. width:600;;height:450
  • The roofed part of the school. width:600;;height:450
  • Consalva in front of the roofed part of the school.<br /> width:600;;height:450
  • The teachers Bonface Chigwanda, John Mansur and Henry Kaposa. width:600;;height:450
  • The volunteer Mirjam from the Netherlands in the white T-Shirt. Besides a worker, Bonface, Henry and Consalva. width:600;;height:450
  • The view from the new school to the Udzungwa Mountains. width:600;;height:450
  • A mother baboon with her Baby. width:600;;height:450
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