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  • The new school building in June 2009. One classroom is finished and in use. width:600;;height:400
  • A very warm welcome to the German MACHICA-friends with a band singing, drumming and dancing. width:600;;height:400
  • The official part of the day with children and parents in the new classroom. width:600;;height:400
  • The headteacher Bonface welcomes the German friends to Mang'ula. width:600;;height:400
  • The children in the new classroom. width:600;;height:400
  • The parents of the children and the German MACHICA-friends. width:600;;height:400
  • John and Bonface talk about the project. width:600;;height:400
  • The German MACHICA-friends. width:600;;height:400
  • The children get a balloon and a pencil. width:600;;height:402
  • Other things the German group brought with them - like t-shirts or balls - are pointed to the parents, the children and the teacher. width:600;;height:402
  • A child with his captures. width:321;;height:480
  • Another child just looking interested. width:600;;height:402
  • The musicians are playing and dancing again. width:600;;height:400
  • A photo of the whole group in front of the new school building. width:600;;height:402
  • After this event the German MACHICA-friends painted the blackboard black. width:600;;height:400
  • The new classroom with the blackboard. width:600;;height:402
  • Some balls are getting pumped up. width:600;;height:402
  • The volleyballnet is installed in front of the school building. width:600;;height:400
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